Would you like to spontaneously play poker with your friends but have neither cards nor chips?

Or are you tired to shuffle cards and to calculate side-pots?

Play an ad-hoc Texas Holdem or Omaha Poker with your friends by simply using your android phone, iPhone, tablet or other mobile device. All you need is an online internet connection and a web browser to use this poker platform.

Easy setup, free to use, no registration required, no advertisement and without fees.
This game simulation supports both, poker tournament as well as cashgame, typically taking place in the real world but electronically displaying your hole cards, virtual stack and digital chips. The tool provides special features such as adding multiple viewing devices, e.g. to have a notebook with a dedicated display of the table's community cards only. The number of possible players is from two (heads up) to nine participants including a more privileged dealer role.
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